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A Little About Us

We are a Kent-based company which is passionate about making beautiful and functional websites to suit our client's needs. If you need an online presence, help creating your website, or managing, maintaining or reworking an existing website; please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Delivering quality bespoke websites to a high standard, we are a design oriented company who always love to take on a new challenge. Our goal is to ultimately meet and work with other creative minds who share our passion for polished visuals and a positive atmosphere. We strive to always create new and exciting work that both client and creator can be proud of.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, efficient designers who value great communication. All our work is done in-house so you will always get a consistent, brand driven website that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

We believe truly great work stems from these three words: "Innovation, imagination and determination!"

Our Clients

We have worked with a variety of clients ranging from business owners to individuals who are just looking for a stronger online presence. They each have specific needs which we are passionate about fulfilling. At Seafox Web we are always looking for a fresh challenge and to grow together with our clients. It is our belief that together, anything is possible. Below are just a few of our websites to get a taste of what we strive for.



Package 1

('Half and Half')

This is our standard package, we will ask what your needs are and what you expect in terms of design. We will then offer you a quote based on how long we think it will take to build your website. We are more than willing to make changes along the way but reserve the right to charge extra if this means alot more work!

If you are happy with the amount we have offered, you pay half up-front. Upon receiving your payment we will build your site! When we feel it is ready, we will send you a link to a test environment so that you can check it out and tell us if you think any final tweaks are needed.

Upon completion and when both parties are happy you pay us the other half of our agreed fee in addition to any extra fees that may have been incurred by further changes since the original agreement. Of course we would love to stay in touch and will perform any additional work at a negotiable rate.

Package 2

('Pay As You Go')

At Seafox Web we know that sometimes money can be tight, which is why we have put together this 'Pay As You Go' scheme. You pay us a variable fee each month throughout the duration of your website build. This means you only pay for the work that we do, if and when you need it doing.

We like to catch up with you at least once a fortnight to make sure you are happy with the way your website is going! This is perfect if you aren't in a rush, and want to take your time getting every detail of your site just right.

We offer a live test domain which means you can keep an eye on progress and if you want you can start sending people to visit your website before it's even finished! This is totally free! Once your website is finished you can either continue on the pay-as-you-go package which will then cover further adjustments, maintenance and upkeep, or you can make a final payment to take the site for yourself!

Contact Us

You can contact us via facebook, phone or email!